UV Films

UV films
  • Unique, thermal, mechanical and optical properties.  

  • Protects crops and facilitates higher growth and yield.    

  • Protection from wind, hail, rain and enables year round crop cultivation. 

  • Wide range of films to suit various agro climatic conditions. 

Nobleplast - agrolite

The uv film belongs to our Agrolite brand a high performance product with superior quality.

Product Specification

Nobleplast - UV films - product specification

Film Characteristics

Drip Lock Diffused AV Blue

205 N

Drip Lock Clear

Product Life

3 Years




1.5 / 2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0 / 4.25 / 5.0 / 6.0 inch


200 feet

Recommended Application

Open field, protected cultivation, nursery


3 Years

Warranty 3 years.*
*terms and conditions apply.

Nobleplast products - UV stabilised

UV Stabilised

Nobleplast products - temperature control


Nobleplast products - radiation control

Radiation Control

Nobleplast products - BIS approved

BIS Approved

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